Chapter 5. The action controller

Table of Contents

Type tag and parameters

The /action context path runs the specified task. The action is run silently.

Type tag and parameters

The type tag of the request looks like following: ,ss.

Table 5.1. Type tag description

index type indentifier value
#0 s Path is either /AgsSoundProvider/AgsSoundcard, /AgsSoundProvider/AgsSequencer or /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio[[0-9]+|"[\w]+"]
#1 s Action is either start or stop

The path /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio[[0-9]+|"[\w]+"] is a valid audio node accessor. Allowed are indices or its property audio-name. Currently only one single audio object can be accessed, for example /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio[1] or /AgsSoundProvider/AgsAudio["drum"].