Part VIII. The audio layer

Table of Contents

AgsAcceleration — Acceleration class.
AgsAudio — A container of channels organizing them as input or output
AgsAudioApplicationContext — audio application context
AgsAudioSignal — Contains the audio data and its alignment
AgsAutomation — Automation class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsChannel — Acts as entry point to the audio tree.
AgsDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsInput — Input of AgsAudio
AgsMidiin — Input from sequencer
AgsNotation — Notation class supporting selection and clipboard.
AgsNote — Note class.
AgsOutput — Output of AgsAudio
AgsPattern — Pattern representing tones
AgsPlayback — Outputting to soundcard context
AgsPlaybackDomain — Outputting to soundcard domain
AgsPort — Perform thread-safe operations
AgsRecall — The recall base class
AgsRecallAudio — audio context of recall
AgsRecallAudioRun — audio context of dynamic recall
AgsRecallAudioSignal — audio signal context of recall
AgsRecallChannel — channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRun — dynamic channel context of recall
AgsRecallChannelRunDummy — channel dummy dynamic context of recall
AgsRecallContainer — Container to group recalls
AgsRecallDependency — Object specifing dependency
AgsRecallFactory — Factory pattern
AgsRecallID — The object specifies run context.
AgsRecallDssi — The object interfacing with DSSI
AgsRecallDssiRun — The object interfacing with DSSI
AgsRecallLadspa — The object interfacing with LADSPA
AgsRecallLadspaRun — The object interfacing with LADSPA
AgsRecallLv2 — The object interfacing with LV2
AgsRecallLv2Run — The object interfacing with LV2
AgsRecallRecycling — recycling context of recall
AgsRecallRecyclingDummy — recycling dummy dynamic context of recall
AgsRecycling — A container of audio signals
AgsRecyclingContext — A context of recycling acting as dynamic context.
AgsSoundProvider — provide accoustics
AgsTimestamp — Timestamp unix and alike
AgsTimestampFactory — Factory pattern
AgsSynthGenerator — generate wave-form
Audio thread - multi-threaded audio
AgsAudioLoop — audio loop
AgsAudioThread — audio thread
AgsChannelThread — channel thread
AgsExportThread — export thread
AgsSoundcardThread — soundcard thread
Audio JACK - JACK support
AgsJackServer — JACK instance
AgsJackClient — JACK connection
AgsJackPort — JACK resource.
AgsJackDevout — Output to soundcard
AgsJackMidiin — Input from sequencer
Audio MIDI - MIDI support
AgsMidiBufferUtil — MIDI buffer util
AgsMidiFile — the MIDI file
AgsMidiFileReader — the MIDI file reader
AgsMidiFileWriter — the MIDI file writer
AgsMidiUtil — MIDI util
AgsMidiBuilder — MIDI buidler
AgsMidiParser — the menu bar.
Audio files - Reading/Writing audio data from disk
AgsAudioFile — Audio file input/output
AgsAudioFileLink — link objects read of file.
AgsIpatch — Libinstpatch wrapper
AgsIpatchSF2Reader — interfacing Soundfont2 related API of libinstpatch
AgsIpatchDLS2Reader — interfacing Soundfont2 related API of libinstpatch
AgsSndfile — Libsndfile wrapper
AgsPlayable — read/write audio
Recalls - Effect processors
AgsBufferAudioSignal — buffers audio signal
AgsBufferChannel — buffers channel
AgsBufferChannelRun — buffers channel
AgsBufferRecycling — buffers recycling
AgsCopyAudioSignal — copys audio signal
AgsCopyChannel — copys channel
AgsCopyChannelRun — copys channel
AgsCopyNotationAudio — copy notations audio
AgsCopyNotationAudioRun — copy notations
AgsCopyPatternAudio — copy audio pattern
AgsCopyPatternAudioRun — copy pattern
AgsCopyPatternChannel — copy patterns channel
AgsCopyPatternChannelRun — copys pattern
AgsCopyRecycling — copys recycling
AgsCountBeatsAudio — count audio beats
AgsCountBeatsAudioRun — count beats
AgsDelayAudio — delay audio
AgsDelayAudioRun — delay
AgsEnvelopeAudioSignal — envelopes audio signal
AgsEnvelopeChannel — envelopes channel
AgsEnvelopeRecycling — envelopes recycling
AgsLoopChannel — loops channel
AgsLoopChannelRun — loop
AgsPeakAudioSignal — peaks audio signal
AgsPeakChannel — peaks channel
AgsPeakChannelRun — peak
AgsPeakRecycling — peaks recycling
AgsVolumeAudioSignal — volumes audio signal
AgsVolumeChannel — volumes channel
AgsVolumeChannelRun — volumes channel
AgsVolumeRecycling — volumes recycling
AgsPlayAudio — play audio
AgsPlayAudioSignal — plays audio signal
AgsPlayChannel — plays channel
AgsPlayChannel — plays channel
AgsPlayChannelMaster — plays channel as toplevel
AgsPlayNotationAudio — play audio notation
AgsPlayNotationAudioRun — play notation
AgsPlayRecycling — plays recycling
AgsRouteDssiAudio — route MIDI to DSSI
AgsRouteDssiAudioRun — route MIDI
AgsRouteLv2Audio — route MIDI to LV2
AgsRouteLv2AudioRun — route MIDI
AgsStreamAudioSignal — streams audio signal
AgsStreamChannel — streams channel
AgsStreamChannelRun — streams channel
AgsStreamRecycling — streams recycling
Audio tasks - Data exchanged between Audio and GUI
AgsAddAudio — add audio object to soundcard
AgsAddAudioSignal — add audio_signal object to recycling
AgsAddEffect — add effect object to context
AgsAddLineMember — add line_member object to line
AgsAddNote — add note object to notation
AgsAddPointToSelection — add point to notation selection
AgsAddRecall — add recall object to context
AgsAddRecallContainer — add recall object to context
AgsAddRegionToSelection — add region to notation selection
AgsAppendAudio — append audio object to audio loop
AgsAppendChannel — append channel object to audio loop
AgsAppendRecall — append recall object to audio loop
AgsApplyBpm — apply bpm to delay audio
AgsApplyPresets — apply presets
AgsApplySequencerLength — apply sequencer length to delay audio
AgsApplySynth — apply synth to channel
AgsApplyTact — apply tact to delay audio
AgsCancelAudio — cancel audio object in audio loop
AgsCancelChannel — cancel channel object
AgsCancelRecall — cancel recall object
AgsExportOutput — export output object
AgsFreeSelection — free selection object
AgsInitAudio — init audio object
AgsInitChannel — init channel object
AgsMuteAudio — mute audio
AgsMuteAudioRun — copy pattern
AgsMuteAudioSignal — mutes audio signal
AgsMuteChannel — mutes channel
AgsMuteRecycling — mutes recycling
AgsOpenFile — open file object
AgsOpenSf2Sample — open sf2_sample object
AgsRemoveAudio — remove audio object of soundcard
AgsRemoveAudioSignal — remove audio_signal object to recycling
AgsRemoveNote — remove note object to notation
AgsRemovePointToSelection — remove point to notation selection
AgsRemoveRecall — remove recall object to context
AgsRemoveRecallContainer — remove recall object to context
AgsRemoveAudioSignal — remove audio_signal object to recycling
AgsResizeAudio — resize audio object
AgsSaveFile — save file object
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes audio channels
AgsSetAudioChannels — resizes buffer size
AgsSetMuted — set muted to delay audio
AgsSetOutputDevice — resets soundcard
AgsSetSamplerate — modifies samplerate
AgsStartSoundcard — start soundcard object