a plugin for the execution of Java™ applets in web browsers
The current version does not provide a security manager capable of handling Java (tm) applets. Applets have UNRESTRICTED access to your computer. This means they can do anything you can do, like deleting all your important data.
Build requirements

To build current gcjwebplugin you need a Java (tm) compile which supports the GNU EmbeddedWindow extension plus a virtual machine or GCC 3.5.0 (or a patched GCC 3.4.0).

Build from CVS requirements

In addition to the above requirements new the following software:

  • autoconf 2.59
  • automake 1.7.0 or above
  • libtool 1.5.6

Runtime requirements

To run gcjwebplugin successfully it is currently tested with Mozilla 1.7 and Galeon 1.3.13-15. Mozilla 1.6 or earlier may not work because of a bug in the GTK event handling (this hangs the mozilla). Earlier versions of Galeon and other browser may work. Please tell us if your browser works or not by just mailing us.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004 design and implementation gcjwebplugin team.