Advent 2010

Enigma celebrates Advent!

It may appear to the casual observer that Enigma is winding down – after all, no Level of the Month article has been published in more than a year, and last year, no End of the Year Awards took place - but the impression would be incorrect.

This year we proudly present the first Enigma Advent calendar with 24 new, previously unreleased levels. We will open the first door on December 1st. Behind it, the first level will be hidden. Each subsequent day, you will discover another new level behind a closed door.

Participation works as follows. Make sure you run at least Enigma version 1.01. You need to download the levelpack index once from this URL:
Now direct your file browser to the location called “User Path”, enter the directory “levels” and copy the file into the subdirectory labelled “cross”. You can look up your “User Path” by pressing “F2” in the main menu of Enigma.
You will find the new level pack inside the group “User”. Each day you should right-click on “Advent 2010”, and click on the button “Update Pack” to load the version of the day.
Then just start Enigma and enjoy the levels, each day you'll find one more in the “Advent 2010” levelpack. You just need to right-click the levelpack and hit the “Update Pack” button to get the new level. As Enigma loads these levels from our server you need an internet connection for playing them.

We wish everybody a great deal of festive holiday fun with our Enigma Advent calendar!

Your Enigma team

Advent door 10 Advent door 24 Advent door 8 Advent door 21 Advent door 18
Advent door 15 Advent door 2 Advent door 9 Advent door 12 Advent door 22
Advent door 20 Advent door 4 Advent door 25 Advent door 13 Advent door 6
Advent door 5 Advent door 14 Advent door 11 Advent door 3 Advent door 17
Advent door 7 Advent door 16 Advent door 1 Advent door 19 Advent door 23

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