Savanna Project Page

What is Robovasion?

RoboVasion is a Real Time Strategy game along the lines of other popular Real Time Strategy games. It will be based on the GPLed Stratagus Engine (formaly known as Freecraft) and feature around five different kind of vehicles per race, at least two (mostly symetric) races and probally around twenty missions. An original story will be provided as well. RoboVasion will most likly not break any new ground in the RTS sector or provide new things not seen anywhere else, instead it will hopfully provide one day a relativly simple and fun RTS game that can keep you busy for a few days.

You might ask why RoboVasion and why not ProjectInferno? The answer is simple, the main focus of this project is to actually get stuff done and quickly, while not experimenting with to much unknown stuff or rewriting the whole or large parts of the Stratagus Engine to win a beauty contest. If it is playable and fun, thats enough for RoboVasion. At a later point cleanup might be a good idea, but that is not the focus or aim at this point in development.

The Story

RoboVasion takes place in the not so distant future. The human race has used up the earth mostly and is starting out the search for a new home. Both the Atega and the Iwoku Cooperations have send out AI controlled drones into space to search for new useable planets and prepare them for the arrivement of the human collonist. Both have targeted the planet Ciak, since from all the planets out there it seemed to be the one with the biggest chances to become the new home of the human race. While on their way to Planet Ciak the drones got into a metroid belt and got heavily damaged, communication back to there cooperations was no longer possible and the AI switched to stand-alone mode while still heading to the Planet Ciak. Once they got there, they started there mission to prepare the planet, but over time the Atega drones and the Iwoku drones reached each other on planet Ciak and there defense programm got activated, each of them should eliminate the other cooperations drones to secure the success of there missions. Over the years the drones had no contact to the earth base station. Their AI evolved and their plans to disable the other side got stronger and stronger. Long and heavy battles started and this is where you, the player, take over the control of the Atega drones to win their battle.