Savanna Project Page


10. Aug 2003 Updated FAQ, removed lots of now incorrect informations.
10. Jul 2003 Having a seperate IRC Channel for RoboVasion isn't really needed, so we merge with #stratagus, see contact section.
8. Jul 2003 first real screenshot is available, nothing faked in Gimp, this one is for real, go to the screenshot section to find out more
7. Jul 2003 A preview of the in-game tileset is available in the artwork section
6. Jul 2003 After some try&error the tileset look&feel is now almost final, it just needs some patching together, a bunch of .ccl stuff and a few more tiles. Units come next and GUI also needs to be done, intro also has its first picture, progress is good so far, shouldn't take all that long until something playable is available (sorry, cvs still empty, will fix that soon).
27. Jun 2003 The Robovasion Savanna Project got approved and stuff is now moving over to, mailing lists are also ready now.
24. Jun 2003 More infos about RoboVasion, a bit of information about the story, a pseudo screenshot in the screenshot section and the IRC channel is officially opened
23. Jun 2003 Freecraft is dead, long live RoboVasion
08. Oct 2002 RoboVasion is born