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Running MajorTeach

Before you start

Before you start running MajorTeach, you should go trough all the entries in the pegs.txt file, and make sure they make sense for you. If other things come to mind first when you run trough the rules, you should probably use them.

Be careful not to use descriptive things, like "fur", or "jelly" because after you have memorized the list you can extend it by adding these kinds of adjectives (modifier). Now, it will be difficult for your imagination to distinguish between "furry jelly" and "wobbly fur".


Still before even touching the application, you should spend plenty time (like, an hour or more) looking at all the words and visualize them. This is the toughest part. You have to be able to get the picture of a lily in your mind when you see 55. That means the picture in your mind has to be well developed. Imagine at least 2 or three of picture, smell, and texture. Or, said another way, look at it, smell it, touch it. So you get a clear first picture. (note though the thing about texture from the previous paragraph).


To practice your peg list, you can use your computer. Type majorteach, and majorteach will ask you


Hit return, and it will present you with a word or a number. If it's a word, type the number, if it's a number, type the word.

majorteach will give you some statistics about how much you knew etc. Don't pay much attention to it. When it says Continue, stop and be sure to again visualize the image in your mind. Especially when you had it wrong.

If you get an Item wrong consistently, create a story that leads to the Item you want. For example, if you get Bin instead of Bone (they are phonetically equivalent according to the sound-digit table), you can just make up a story where you walk down the street, see this bin on the side of the Road with a huge Dinosaur Bone in it. You'll remember the story when you think of Bin next time, and recall the Bone. Your Brain will know which one is right. Alternatively you can of course change pegs.txt so that the Bin you remember will be the right one next time.