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You can practice everywhere. It's fairly simple to do, just pick a number (63), recall the picture, increase number, recall picture, etc. Be careful to practice the whole range from 0-100 evenly, and not just 0-20 and 80-100.


After some practicing, you can remember any kinds of numbers, or facts, or both.


If you see yourself using up 100 pegs in no time, add color. Try

Black 0-99

White 100-199

Yellow 200-299

Orange 300-399

Red 400-499

Green 500-599

Blue 600-699

Violet 700-799

Gold 800-899

Silver 900-999

If that's not enough, try adding something else (slippery, sticky, rough, sharp, furry, bumpy, fleshy, cold, hot, glowing). That should be enough (10000 pegs take a while to fill up, and after a Month or two you can recycle them.). If it's still not enough, add smells, or movements. You can get a million pegs that way, but it takes some practice if you have so many parameters.


If you are practicing speedreading, for example with Hopify, you have to be pretty good with your peg list to keep up. It is well possible though. While previewing, add the main keywords you Identify with pegs in your mind. With practice that can be done at preview speed.

When reading, add the info about the keywords to the keyword and the peg. That way you will recall them.