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Mnemonics concepts

Mnemonic means that you are using a different, more developed part of your brain to help jumpstart another one. This is even a good Idea when all your brain's abilities are developed to a similar level, because different parts have different advantages and disadvantages.

Major System

The Major System is a bridge between your visual memory (pictures and movies) and your Number memory. It allows you to associate an Image with a number.

That allows you to recall the image when you think of the number. So you can visualize a story that explains something to you that starts with the Image for 1, so next time when you think 1, you think of the image and associated story and automatically recall what you wanted to remember.

On the other hand, you can remember numbers by creating odd stories with the pictures in your list, and translate them back.


Say you would want to learn Japanese. You have to remember 10 new words. Every day. You need to review them. Wouldn't it be cool if you could do that when you are not doing other stuff (while driving, waiting in line etc)?

When you have your Peg List in your mind, it could work like this (works best if you make up your own stories).

First: Your peg word for 1 is tie. The Japanese word you have to learn is ohaio and it means good morning. It's pronounced pretty much like the US State Ohio. So you make up a story: Tie - One fine morning you are buying a tie because you will go for an interview in Ohio. Now, visualize the story. It's early morning, you are on the airport and you need a Tie. You are looking for a tie shop, buy a tie and happily go to Ohio.

OK. Bad example. This is too ordinary.

Second: Your peg word for 2 is Noah (yes, the guy with the Ship. Or his beard). Japanese word is hidari, that's left. Noah, the old fellow (he's about 800 years old when he builds the arch) has to get the animals on the arch. But one of the Rhino's does not want to go in. He has to hit it with a stick in his left hand. Now, visualize. Do it well, and you will forever remember it sounds like hitarhi(no). (your brain will remember the correct pronounciation, no worries there).

Phonetic Mapping

Remembering your number-picture associations is tough. And it's best to do all the numbers 0-99. That's where MajorTeach comes in, and also this phonetic mapping. Each Digit has a sound associated with it. (Note it's sounds not letters).

0 - s

1 - t, d

2 - n

3 - m

4 - r

5 - l

6 - sch

7 - k, g

8 - v, f

9 - p, b

So now, it's much easier. You can use this phonetic system to learn all the images and associate them with numbers. It's good to have the whole list in your brain.