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Project status

  • Development plan (aka ".plan")
Add ACLs support (yet planned, W.I.P.) 50%
Add encrypted-conn mode planned
Add PAM support planned
Add /proc/meminfo, kernel version, uptime,... and _all_ system info
(actually W.I.P.)
ClusterSnapshot (CS) => gomd returns a complete node-by-node situation
with all available diagnostic info.
BlackHoleDetection (BHD) => gomd can (auto)detect nodes in trouble
(zobies, defunct programs...) or down and signal them
to admin...
Loadlimit support planned
Get some integration with omdisc daemon. planned
Add comments to the whole project (actually W.I.P.) W.I.P.

  • Status of features support
Feature Status
Preliminary version of daemon completed
Preliminar netcode completed
Multiple connections handling completed
Basic (local) information support completed
Preliminar requests handling completed
Syntactic analyzer to validate requests completed
Syslog() support completed
Compilation script 80% done
Autotesting script 80% done
Documentation files (README,..) 30% done
Full local info support 30% done
Gomd-to-gomd communication 10% done
Basic (remote) info support 10% done
Extra info support 10% done
ACL support 50% done

  • Supported Info
Info Context
Node ID local
Cpu Number local
Node load local
Available Memory (as oM says)
Available Memory (as Linux says) local
Node speed local
Node status local
Total memory local
Utilization local
Node block status local
Node IP local
Current execution node by PID local
List of available nodes local
List of dead nodes local
Per-cpu load local
/proc/cpuinfo contents local
Set block status local
Unset block status local
Set local decay local

  • Planned Info
Info Context
count of migrated processes cluster wide
overall load of the cluster cluster wide
lock & unlock cluster wide
cluster wide
loadavg cluster wide
cmdline of a process cluster wide
count of processes cluster wide
uptime (remote) cluster wide
where cluster wide
nice value of a process cluster wide
uid of a process cluster wide
hostname/ip of the local node cluster wide
hostname/ip of a remote node (ID) cluster wide
list of process (list processes) cluster wide
list of remote processes (list remote_processes) cluster wide

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