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Overall Network View

Here is an example of how gomd is supposed to work into an openMosix cluster from a client-server network-centric point of view.

Client Side View

This diagram is mainly intended to show the details about how the monitoring applications are going to interface with libgomd, a client-side shared library providing transparent and easy access to the functionalities of the gomd daemon.

Server Side View

This diagram is mainly for gomd developers' use. It shows how gomd works on the server-side.

Processing a Client Request

This diagram shows a step-by-step method execution trace used when receiving a client request. This is currently implemented into gomd by Gian Paolo Ghilardi. Also, credits for this diagram go to Gian Paolo.


All diagrams created and copyleft by Mirko Caserta using the marvelous dia software. The .dia files can be found in our project's CVS repository under the gomd/docs directory.

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