Getting Involved


Feel free to contact us:
We want to thank all the people taking the time to drop us an e-mail, it's really great to have such a feedback :-) We try to answer to each of you, sorry if we forget sometimes.
We are also very thankful to the people sending us patches (we list all of you in the AUTHORS file given with the sources), it's really nice.

A special thank to Mr IIOKA Shinji, from Linux Magazine, for sending us a copy of the december 2000 issue containing an introduction to Gnobog. We need to improve our Japanese now :-)

Canada Computes also wrote a very positive review of Gnobog, even if it's in its early stages of development. Nice to see people finding Gnobog useful !

Thanks go also to:

Savannah for heberging our cvs repository, our mailing lists and so forth.
The Gimp which enabled to quickly setup a logo :-)
All Gnome/Gtk+ hackers, keep up the good work !
Tigert, we believe tree icons in gnobog are his creation.
All people making great GPL software
(with such a formula we shouldn't forget anyone ;-) !