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 Scratching an itch

Gnobog is a program that aims at letting you manage your favorite internet sites addresses, and possibly facilitating your navigation on the net.

We were tired of having several bookmarks files in several places which were impossible to manage or synchronize. Moreover, we wanted a program which could let you easily share parts of your urls with your friends. So we decided to write Gnobog :-)

Our focus is on ease of use, since we are the first ones who need this program ! Any annoyance or rough edge will surely annoy us at first, and improvements will be done as soon as time permits.

Ultimately we would like to be able to import every existing bookmarks formats (netscape/mozilla html file, kde links, gnome links, konqueror bookmarks, galeon bookmarks, xbel format, internet explorer favorite folders, opera, palm pilot...) and possibliy export most of them. We also plan several features to ease the merging and sorting of bookmarks, and to automatize some kinds of synchronization tasks (by calling gnobog functionnality through command line scripts for example).

Main goals of Gnobog:
  • Help you manage your bookmarks (by editing, moving, cutting, pasting, sorting, searching...)
  • Ease your Web or ftp surfing (by giving you possibly better views of your bookmarks than in your browser; by allowing you to launch whichever program you want to go to a particular location; ...)
  • Offer higher level features such as sharing bookmarks, merging different bookmarks sources, synchronizing...
  • More generally to focus on internet locations and allow you to : be independent of any browser, import and export any bookmarks file format, drop or paste in any program you want (mail client, text editor...), and whatever features might be useful when dealing with urls :-)

Of course not everything is implemented right now. We develop Gnobog in our spare time, like many other open source software projects. We hope it may be useful to some people (it is for us in the first place ;-), but keep in mind that it will be improving slower than you (and us) would like (but you can help to get it faster :-)

Gnobog is also a way for us to play with any technology we find interesting. There are many things going on these days, like good xml libraries, bonobo components, gtk 2.0, gal widgets... It's all really exciting, and the only thing we always lack is some more time ! (actually, we could have, but we want also a life ;-)

To have an idea about what you can do with Gnobog, take a look at the screenshots or the online manual.

Releases 0.4.X features

  • Import/export of netscape bookmarks file format
  • Extensive use of drag 'n' drop (inside gnobog, towards/from browser...)
  • Bookmarks edition
  • Alias management (automatic)
  • Different selection modes
  • Multi-documents with an interface 'ala  Gimp'
  • Multi-views per document
  • Url browsing in navigator on double-click
  • Facilities to store bookmarks dropped "on the fly" while browsing the web (yes, we're lazy ;-)