G-Wrap is a tool (and Guile library) for generating function wrappers for inter-language calls. It currently only supports generating Guile wrappers for C functions.

G-Wrap is mostly used by guile-gnome.

You can find a bug tracker, and mailing list information on the Savannah project page.

G-Wrap has already undergone two major overhauls; the most recent one resulted in the 1.9 unstable series, which will lead to G-Wrap 2.0.


The 1.9.x series of releases can be found on http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/g-wrap/.

The G-Wrap releases up to 1.3.4 are available from http://ftp.gnucash.org/pub/g-wrap/source/.

Recent Releases

Below you can find recent release tarballs along with their SHA1 checksums and NEWS excerpts; a more detailed list of changes can be obtained via the git repository.


3d756a0db20f6c8e2720f763ccc22291897da7ae g-wrap-1.9.14.tar.gz
5e66b59ef39c497b7c76671ef381790f7da7487c g-wrap-1.9.14.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.13:

- Guile 2.0 is now supported.

- G-Wrap no longer ships SRFI 34 and SRFI 35 implementations, as
  these have been both provided by Guile since 1.8.3.


f71d3324574f3213d53240b4d831c864b592db49 g-wrap-1.9.13.tar.gz
0f367a43c256821f7a5616ebd5d89839eebc1637 g-wrap-1.9.13.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.12:

- Fix the dependency declaration on libffi in the g-wrap-2.0-guile
  pkg-config file.

- An alignment issue leading to testsuite failures on sparc has
  been fixed.

- The g-wrap-config manpage from the Debian package is now
  included in the source, and installed.


90237cac83bf83d767081a33da748de9 g-wrap-1.9.12.tar.gz
b072f3f8188bb4e5a67cb53fe4b05cf0 g-wrap-1.9.12.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.11:

- Fix the g-wrap-2.0-guile pkg-config file (bug #25187).


f6f54c2a2ce3d8257ccaf19f923cbe45 g-wrap-1.9.11.tar.gz
631c842abd9592a66f01068c5972cb9f g-wrap-1.9.11.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.10:

- Fix `double' return value handling on big-endian platforms.

- libffi is no longer distributed with g-wrap, as it is available
  as a stand-alone package now (instead of being burried in the
  GCC sources).

Changes from 1.9.10:

- Fix `double' return value handling on big-endian platforms.

- libffi is no longer distributed with g-wrap, as it is available
  as a stand-alone package now (instead of being burried in the
  GCC sources).


1ea56bbb10a92154d7c1df9582a73e69 g-wrap-1.9.10.tar.gz
cc244da4c799f7f73ad2c6c64ca59ec2 g-wrap-1.9.10.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.9:

- Fix WCT nullable behaviour for 'new' (i.e. non-compat) wrapsets;
  there is now a SRFI-39 parameter 'gw-wcts-nullable?' controlling
  the nullable behaviour; this parameter is #f by default, and set
  to #t when generating compat wrapsets.


9014d7ed8d395ff335a6a4bf5778ed4e g-wrap-1.9.9.tar.gz
417e172d915b2a4db2717bb690e9d1f3 g-wrap-1.9.9.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.8:

- Support per-(type-)instance use of #:allowed-options

- Build fixes:
  - Fix example build when libffi is not installed on the system.
  - Fix GLib build (was deactivated by accident)
  - Distribute and install SRFI 34/35 again

- libffi updated from GCC SVN

- It is now possible to have invisible output arguments; these
  won't show up as return values of the Scheme procedure.


Released files, with md5sum:

b6deb04db3e1008f7d1db4ab7df594b2 g-wrap-1.9.8.tar.gz
fdec12be38dc260d5d42c256824ff39b g-wrap-1.9.8.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.7:

- New feature: function flags. At the moment there is a single flag
  specifying whether to leave "Guile mode" when calling the wrapper
  functions. See the Guile manual on "scm_without_guile" for more

- Don't rely on libc to provide (v)asprintf, take the implementation
  from gnulib.

- The minimal GLib bindings now build against GLib 2.x. However,
  their use is deprecated in favour of the much more complete GLib
  bindings in guile-gnome


Released files, with md5sum:

4e980fd3f464d53ecee12184569c32bf g-wrap-1.9.7.tar.gz
88f5cc2bae5db7beec0b8f6ac082ac62 g-wrap-1.9.7.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.6:

- The shared libraries now reside in $(pkglibdir)/modules
  (e.g. /usr/lib/g-wrap/modules).

- Users are now allowed to chose in which module generic functions
  should be defined.

- New feature: aggregated typespecs.  See the node `Wrapping a C
  Function' of the manual for details.

- Users can now specify a free and a mark function, as well as an
  equality predicate for wrapped C types (WCTs) in `wrap-as-wct!'.

- Improved documentation with an API reference (yet to be finished).

- Several bugfixes.


Released files, with md5sum:

4d83964f51376500eedced538c1620cb g-wrap-1.9.6.tar.gz
8b46e35c545fe52a19b45207cb742417 g-wrap-1.9.6.tar.gz.sig

Changes form 1.9.5:

- Support for size_t and ssize_t data types.


Released files, with md5sum:

a8b0da86fe723aeb1694f2d149991300 g-wrap-1.9.5.tar.gz
391bdba6d7c0f1ea87a63623f0b62243 g-wrap-1.9.5.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.4:

- Bugfixes
  + The minimal GLib wrappers are now installed as (g-wrap gw-glib), 
    as expected by GnuCash.
  + A problem with generic specializer class lookup has been fixed.
  + A problem with generics specialization and default arguments has
    been fixed.
  + A problem with default arguments, when combined with 
    invisible arguments (such as output arguments) has been fixed.


Released files, with md5sum:

d843c9b1aac9a2960de765cf736c56fb g-wrap-1.9.4.tar.gz
8eab22a61e4077dddbcf913b988091d0 g-wrap-1.9.4.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.3:

- Enhanced generics support: now all arguments of methods are 
  specialized, not only the first one.

- Bugfixes
  + Now ships with (g-wrap gw-wct) compatibilty module needed by 
    GnuCash at runtime.
  + Fixes for handling output arguments:
    - Wrapped functions with void return value and output arguments 
      now return expected results
    - Optional argument count is now correctly computed in the 
      presence of output arguments
  + The libffi alignment requirements are now honored. This fixes bus 
    errors on many non-x86 architectures.
  + On big-endian architectures libffi-wrapped functions that return
    char now work correctly.
  + Some "uninitialized variable" warnings were fixed in generated code
    which caused compiles with GCC 4.0 to fail (Debian Bug#290305).


Released files, with md5sum:

53c1ac85c4b88aacb781cd08ed8c7046 g-wrap-1.9.3.tar.gz
fe27e2f07f5025193fbbe7287ab1a0ed g-wrap-1.9.3.tar.gz.sig

Changes from 1.9.2:

- Comes with a compatibility layer that allows GnuCash to be built
  with it.

- Reverts the enhanced generics support, which was introduced in
  1.9.2, since that currently breaks guile-gnome.

- Bugfixes
  + g-wrap-2.0-guile.pc is now generated correctly, even if the 
    internal libffi is used.
  + Types used by constants are now considered when calculating the 
    set of referenced types in a wrapset. This bug led to missing code
    and compile errors when a type defined in another wrapset was used 
    by only by a constant.
  + On platforms which lack alloca(), the version shipped with 
    G-Wrap should now build correctly.