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02. Dec 2003 Feuerkraft repository has moved from CVS to Subversion, there have also been two new helicopters included in Feuerkraft CVS and a new release will follow in the next weeks.
15. Jun 2003 Another little webpage update, added development section, scripting in Feuerkraft is mostly working.
19. Apr 2003 Recreated the Webpage and build a new static binary for GNU/Linux (i386).
19. Apr. 2003 rebuild of the static 0.1.0 binary is available
23. Sept. 2002 Just a little lifesign, even so currently not much happen on the code base, I am still working on this one and trying out ideas, so this project is not dead. You can find a little nice concept art here
01. Apr. 2002 Added binary for win32, special thanks to Kenneth Gangstoe for the Win32 port
30. Mar 2002 Added source tarball for feuerkraft-0.1.0
29. Mar 2002 Released binary for version 0.1.0
2. Mar 2002 Added some hand-written plans and gamedesign ideas to the todo section
21. Jan 2002 Added ToDo
16. Nov 2001 Website redesign
9.May 2001 a new release
6.May 2001 added a yet another new screenshot, refuelling and reloading of ammo are working now
4.May 2001 added a new screenshot
17.Feb 2001 CVS access is available, added a new screenshot
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