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Milestone 2 - Chaos rules

What its about?

Milestone 2 of Feuerkraft should present a fully playable game, it might be short and the missions might be simple, but beside that it should be fully playable and provide a challange for the player. Milestone 2 should also give an introduction to the overall story that will be part of Feuerkraft. The characters that one will meet in M2 might or might not be the same as in M3, this has not yet been decided.

Planed Features

  • defining of new vehicle/building types/parameters via scripts
  • communication/command with/over other troops
  • mission recording and replay
  • savegame support in the mission (might be limited)
  • many different kinds of vehicles with different abilities
  • an interesting storyline (well... and maybe not, I am not a writer, but I'll try my best)
  • joystick and gamepad support (currently in bad shape)

Finished Features

  • level file format is mostly done, serialisation is still and issue
  • scripting support via Guile with help of Swig is working and so far easily extensible if needed
  • you can walk around without a vehicle and change the vehicle if you like
  • OpenGL support is working (via ClanLib0.7)
  • map engine is basically working
  • some more vehicle types needs to be added
  • some kind of ai, pathfind, etc. for computer controlled vehicle is missing

Milestone 1 - Drive Demo

Milestone 1, also known as Drive Demo provides a simple drive around on the map, no missions or anything, just simple driving. It provides an intro the the lock and feel of Feuerkraft and presents a few special effects. It isn't meant as a game, but simply as a techdemo. No scripting support is available and no multiplayer.

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