bdsync-manager - maintain and execute your synchronization tasks of local or remote blockdevices with bdsync


bdsync-manager [--log-level=(DEBUG|INFO|WARNING|ERROR)] [--task TASK_NAME] [--config CONFIG_FILE]


bdsync-manager simplifies local or remote synchronization of blockdevices.

As a wrapper around the bdsync tool, it allows to define a list of source and target blockdevices with different specifications (e.g. target hosts, LVM snapshotting). bdsync-manager is most suitable as a simple cron-job for keeping a remote backup in sync with your plain or encrypted blockdevices.

You may think of bdsync as the blockdevice-oriented counterpart of rsync (which cannot handle blockdevices). Thus bdsync-manager would be similar to rsnapshot for managing multiple sources and targets to be used for non-interactive synchronization tasks.

Please take a detailed look at bdsync. If bdsync's features are suitable for your workflow then bdsync-manager will probably help you to avoid writing scripts on your own.

bdsync-manager is written in Python and licensed under the GPL v3 or later.