Tutka is a free (as in freedom) tracker style MIDI sequencer for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. It is similar to programs like SoundTracker, ProTracker and FastTracker except that it does not support samples and is meant for MIDI use only. Tutka uses a custom XML based file format for storing songs. Songs in OctaMED SoundStudio's MMD2 file format can also be loaded and saved.

Tutka is programmed by Vesa Halttunen using the Qt toolkit. It's licensed under the GNU GPL. The author takes no responsibility for any loss of data caused by Tutka. Please report any problems through the Savannah project page for Tutka.


The latest version of Tutka is 1.1.3 (changelog).

Other Tutka releases are available for download at the Savannah download site.



The following song has been written with Tutka.


The Tutka manual is available online. Its contents are also available in the application's Help window.


To build Tutka from source code the Qt development libraries are required. On Linux the ALSA development libraries are also needed. To build and install tutka, run

sudo make install

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