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7.2 Resizing Frames

ratpoison provides a command, resize, that resizes the current frame. It is bound to the key C-t r by default. resize can be used non-interactively by providing two arguments: the number of pixels to grow horizontally and the number to grow vertically. For example, if you wanted to grow the current window by 10 pixels horizontally and shrink it vertically by 50 you could enter the command:

     resize 10 -50

When resizing interactively, the following keys are used:

Grow the frame vertically.
Shrink the frame vertically.
Grow the frame horizontally.
Shrink the frame horizontally.
Accept the new frame size.
Abort and restore the frame to its original size.

The increment size used to resize the frame interactively is customized with the command set resizeunit.

— Command: set resizeunit pixels

Set the number of pixels a frame will grow or shrink by when being dynamically resized.

When called with no arguments, the current setting is returned.

— Command: resize horizontal vertical

Resize the current frame by horizontal pixels horizontally, and vertical pixels vertically. If no arguments are given and the command is called interactively, ratpoison will let the user dynamically resize the frame using C-p to shrink vertically, C-n to grow vertically, C-b to shrink horizontally, C-f to grow horizontally, and s to shrink the frame to the size of the window (See the shrink command). When you have resized the frame to your liking, press Return to finish.

— Command: shrink

If a window has resize increment hints, such as xterms, the window may not be able to take up the whole frame. In this case, use this command to suck the frame up to the to window, reclaiming any wasted space.