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7.3 Frame Navigation Commands

Here are the commands for Navigating frames.

— Command: fselect n

Select a frame by number. If an argument is passed to it then attempt to select the frame whose number is n. If not, ratpoison will print a number at the top left corner of each frame and wait for the user to type the number they wish to select. Currently there is no way to select a frame whose number is greater than 9 unless the number is passed as an argument.

— Command: curframe

Indicate which frame is the current frame.

— Command: focus

cycle through ratpoison's frames.

— Command: focusprev

cycle through ratpoison's frames backwards.

— Command: focusdown

Move to the frame below the current frame.

— Command: focuslast

Switch to the last focused frame.

— Command: focusleft

Move to the frame left of the current frame.

— Command: focusright

Move to the frame right of the current frame.

— Command: focusup

Move to the frame above the current frame.