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Class Group

   object --+    
AbstractGroup --+

Known Subclasses:
EventGroup, RenderUpdates

The basic Group class you will want to use. It supports all of the above operations and methods.

The RenderPlain and RenderClear groups are aliases to Group for compatibility.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, *sprites)
    Inherited from AbstractGroup
  __contains__(self, sprite)
len(group) number of sprites in group
  add(self, *sprites)
add(sprite, list, or group, ...) add sprite to group
  add_internal(self, sprite)
  clear(self, surface, bgd)
clear(surface, bgd) erase the previous position of all sprites
copy() copy a group with all the same sprites
  draw(self, surface)
draw(surface) draw all sprites onto the surface
empty() remove all sprites
  has(self, *sprites)
has(sprite or group, ...) ask if group has a sprite or sprites
  has_internal(self, sprite)
  remove(self, *sprites)
remove(sprite, list, or group, ...) remove sprite from group
  remove_internal(self, sprite)
sprites() get a list of sprites in the group
  update(self, *args)
update(*args) call update for all member sprites
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