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Introduction to the partysip SIP proxy server

Partysip is an implementation of a SIP proxy server. SIP stands for the Session Initiation Protocol and is described by the rfc2543 (soon to be deprecated by latest revisions). SIP is a open standard replacement from IETF for H323.

Partysip is a modular application where some capabilities are added and removed through plugins. The program comes with several GPL plugins. At this step, partysip and its plugins could be used as a 'SIP registrar', a 'SIP redirect server' and a 'SIP statefull proxy server'. (stateless capabilities have been removed)

A FAQ for partysip.

Here is a new FAQ for partysip!

Partysip and antisip

WellX Telecom S. A. has initiated the project. The antisip company is now maintaining it.

You can contact antisip at for specific information related to partysip.

Partysip and its plugins

Partysip is distributed with 7 GPL plugins. Depending on the list of included plugins, partysip can be used as a SIP registrar, a SIP redirect server or statefull server, or a SIP service provider (game session, answering machine...).

Thanks to this modular architecture you can disable useless functionalities and easily implement new ones with a little amount of developments.

As the entire code of the core application is LGPL, it is allowed to build proprietary plugins. This is useful when you want to build specific services which code is useless for the general public. As an example, proprietary plugins can be used to manage proprietary database information that comes with their products.

However, even if allowed, you are encouraged to use the GPL license for any plugins which can be useful to the public. This is why all SIP related plugins already developed are licensed GPL. (filtering, authentication, registration, location search, forwarding...)

Partysip status

The partysip SIP proxy server is written in C and only depends on oSIP, a low layer SIP implementation.

Partysip now have a great set of functionalities already working.

Here is the TODO list:

Partysip is also highly portable:

If you want to improve partysip, send us patch!

Additionnal plugins

Additionnal plugins can be downloaded. Currently, you can get:

NAT support (linux/iptables)

Yes, partysip does support being on a NAT. You will need to compile it with:


You also need to download the script This version wait for a TCP connection and execute new rules added by partysip. The new rules will forward RTP streams to UAs. This allow any compliant UAs without explicit NAT support or NAT extensions to work behind one.

Downloading area

partysip can be found on

You can also use the CVS at savannah on:


The main place for the documentation is the source code... Sorry.

SIP related links

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Mailing list archive:

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Messages can be posted directly to the mailing list to <>.


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