lwIP  2.1.0
Lightweight IP stack
pbuf Struct Reference

#include <pbuf.h>

Data Fields

struct pbufnext
void * payload
u16_t tot_len
u16_t len
u8_t type_internal
u8_t flags
u8_t ref
u8_t if_idx

Detailed Description

Main packet buffer struct

Field Documentation

◆ flags

u8_t pbuf::flags

misc flags

◆ if_idx

u8_t pbuf::if_idx

For incoming packets, this contains the input netif's index

◆ len

u16_t pbuf::len

length of this buffer

◆ next

struct pbuf* pbuf::next

next pbuf in singly linked pbuf chain

◆ payload

void* pbuf::payload

pointer to the actual data in the buffer

◆ ref

u8_t pbuf::ref

the reference count always equals the number of pointers that refer to this pbuf. This can be pointers from an application, the stack itself, or pbuf->next pointers from a chain.

◆ tot_len

u16_t pbuf::tot_len

total length of this buffer and all next buffers in chain belonging to the same packet.

For non-queue packet chains this is the invariant: p->tot_len == p->len + (p->next? p->next->tot_len: 0)

◆ type_internal

u8_t pbuf::type_internal

a bit field indicating pbuf type and allocation sources (see PBUF_TYPE_FLAG_*, PBUF_ALLOC_FLAG_* and PBUF_TYPE_ALLOC_SRC_MASK)

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