lwIP  2.1.0
Lightweight IP stack
mqtt_request_t Struct Reference

#include <mqtt_priv.h>

Data Fields

struct mqtt_request_tnext
mqtt_request_cb_t cb
u16_t pkt_id
u16_t timeout_diff

Detailed Description

Pending request item, binds application callback to pending server requests

Field Documentation

◆ cb

mqtt_request_cb_t mqtt_request_t::cb

Callback to upper layer

◆ next

struct mqtt_request_t* mqtt_request_t::next

Next item in list, NULL means this is the last in chain, next pointing at itself means request is unallocated

◆ pkt_id

u16_t mqtt_request_t::pkt_id

MQTT packet identifier

◆ timeout_diff

u16_t mqtt_request_t::timeout_diff

Expire time relative to element before this

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