lwIP  2.1.0
Lightweight IP stack
mqtt_connect_client_info_t Struct Reference

#include <mqtt.h>

Data Fields

const char * client_id
const char * client_user
const char * client_pass
u16_t keep_alive
const char * will_topic
const char * will_msg
u8_t will_qos
u8_t will_retain
struct altcp_tls_config * tls_config

Detailed Description

Client information and connection parameters

Field Documentation

◆ client_id

const char* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::client_id

Client identifier, must be set by caller

◆ client_pass

const char* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::client_pass

Password, set to NULL if not used

◆ client_user

const char* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::client_user

User name, set to NULL if not used

◆ keep_alive

u16_t mqtt_connect_client_info_t::keep_alive

keep alive time in seconds, 0 to disable keep alive functionality

◆ tls_config

struct altcp_tls_config* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::tls_config

TLS configuration for secure connections

◆ will_msg

const char* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::will_msg

will_msg, see will_topic

◆ will_qos

u8_t mqtt_connect_client_info_t::will_qos

will_qos, see will_topic

◆ will_retain

u8_t mqtt_connect_client_info_t::will_retain

will_retain, see will_topic

◆ will_topic

const char* mqtt_connect_client_info_t::will_topic

will topic, set to NULL if will is not to be used, will_msg, will_qos and will retain are then ignored

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