lwIP  2.0.2
Lightweight IP stack
mem.h File Reference
#include "lwip/opt.h"


void mem_init (void)
void * mem_trim (void *mem, mem_size_t size)
void * mem_malloc (mem_size_t size)
void * mem_calloc (mem_size_t count, mem_size_t size)
void mem_free (void *mem)

Detailed Description

Heap API

Function Documentation

◆ mem_calloc()

void* mem_calloc ( mem_size_t  count,
mem_size_t  size 

Contiguously allocates enough space for count objects that are size bytes of memory each and returns a pointer to the allocated memory.

The allocated memory is filled with bytes of value zero.

countnumber of objects to allocate
sizesize of the objects to allocate
pointer to allocated memory / NULL pointer if there is an error

◆ mem_free()

void mem_free ( void *  rmem)

Put a struct mem back on the heap

rmemis the data portion of a struct mem as returned by a previous call to mem_malloc()

◆ mem_init()

void mem_init ( void  )

Zero the heap and initialize start, end and lowest-free

◆ mem_malloc()

void* mem_malloc ( mem_size_t  size)

Allocate a block of memory with a minimum of 'size' bytes.

sizeis the minimum size of the requested block in bytes.
pointer to allocated memory or NULL if no free memory was found.

Note that the returned value will always be aligned (as defined by MEM_ALIGNMENT).

◆ mem_trim()

void* mem_trim ( void *  rmem,
mem_size_t  newsize 

Shrink memory returned by mem_malloc().

rmempointer to memory allocated by mem_malloc the is to be shrinked
newsizerequired size after shrinking (needs to be smaller than or equal to the previous size)
for compatibility reasons: is always == rmem, at the moment or NULL if newsize is > old size, in which case rmem is NOT touched or freed!