Who's who

Developers and Projects

Gregory Casamento(greg.casamento at gmail dot com)
GAP chief maintainer. Works on InnerSpace, Bean, Chess and others.

Riccardo Mottola (rmottola at users dot sf dot net)
Vice-Chief, Works on FTP, LaternaMagica, Graphos, Vespucci and others.

Sebastian Reitenbach(sebastia at l00-bugdead-prods dot de)
Takes care that everything works on OpenBSD.

Alexander Malmberg (alexander at malmberg dot org)
Worked on TimeMon and Terminal.

Gurkan Sengun
Also worked on TimeMon.

Banlu Kemiyatorn
Originally worked on the games like LapisPuzzle.


Riccardo Mottola (rm at gnu dot org)
Designed the new layout of GNUstep.org.

Gregory Casamento (greg.casamento at gmail dot com)
Maintains this website.

Sebastian Reitenbach (sebastia at l00-bugdead-prods dot de)
Also takes care about the websites.

Someone missing ?

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Internet Relay Chat

The official channel of the project is #gap on the Freenode net. We often hang around in #gnustep too.