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Battery Monitor (batmon)

Laptop Battery monitoring tool

Current version: 0.8, released: 2014-09-04

Battery Monitor is a battery monitor for laptops. It displays the current status of the battery (charge/discharge and energy level) as well as some information about the general health of the cell.

Version 0.8: Refactoring, each OS in its own file, better handling of warning and critical capacities. Fix Linux bugs.

Version 0.7: Unified messages, improved BSD support, improved linux pmac support.

Version 0.6: Support for NetBSD ACPI and OpenBSD APM. Fixes on Linux.

Version 0.5: Support for ACPI on the /sys filesystem on Linux has been implemented. It is given priority over /proc when looking for a suitable battery.

Version 0.4: Support for APM on Linux. It is enabled if ACPI cannot be accessed or found.

Version 0.4:

App-icon with summarized status
batmon appicon

Version 0.1:

Main window
batmon main

Cell info:
batmon main