Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Fastcgipp::Http::AddressEfficiently stores IPv4 addresses
Fastcgipp::Protocol::BeginRequestData structure used as the body for FastCGI records with a RecordType of BEGIN_REQUEST
Fastcgipp::BlockA raw block of memory
Fastcgipp::Protocol::EndRequestData structure used as the body for FastCGI records with a RecordType of END_REQUEST
Fastcgipp::equalsFdPredicate for comparing the file descriptor of a pollfd
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::ExceptionGeneral fastcgi++ exception
Fastcgipp::Fcgistream< charT, traits >Stream class for output of client data through FastCGI
Fastcgipp::Fcgistream< charT, traits >::FcgibufStream buffer class for output of client data through FastCGI
Fastcgipp::Protocol::FullIdA full ID value for a FastCGI request
Fastcgipp::Protocol::HeaderData structure used as the header for FastCGI records
Fastcgipp::Protocol::ManagementReply< NAMELENGTH, VALUELENGTH, PADDINGLENGTH >Used for the reply of FastCGI management records of type GET_VALUES
Fastcgipp::Manager< T >General task and protocol management class
Fastcgipp::Manager< T >::RequestsAssociative container type for active requests
Fastcgipp::Manager< T >::TasksQueue type for pending tasks
Fastcgipp::MessageData structure used to pass messages within the fastcgi++ task management system
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::ParamException for parameter decoding errors
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::PollException for poll() errors
Fastcgipp::Http::Post< charT >Holds a piece of HTTP post data
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::RecordOutOfOrderException for reception of records out of order
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::RequestGeneral fastcgi++ request exception
Fastcgipp::Request< charT >Request handling class
Fastcgipp::Request< charT >::MessagesQueue type for pending messages
Fastcgipp::Http::Session< charT >Data structure of HTTP session data
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::SocketGeneral exception for socket related errors
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::SocketReadException for read errors to sockets
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::SocketWriteException for write errors to sockets
Fastcgipp::Exceptions::StreamException for output stream processing
Fastcgipp::TransceiverHandles low level communication with "the other side"
Fastcgipp::Transceiver::BufferBuffer type for transmission of FastCGI records
Fastcgipp::Transceiver::Buffer::ChunkChunk of data in Buffer
Fastcgipp::Transceiver::Buffer::FrameFrame of data associated with a file descriptor
Fastcgipp::Transceiver::Buffer::SendBlockBlock of memory for extraction from Buffer
Fastcgipp::Transceiver::fdBufferBuffer type for receiving FastCGI records
Fastcgipp::Protocol::UnknownTypeData structure used as the body for FastCGI records with a RecordType of UNKNOWN_TYPE

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