Related Software

The Axiom computer algebra system has been in development since 1971. It provides the strongly typed programming language SPAD which is very well suited for the purpose of developing generic mathematical algorithms. The current system boasts over 1000 domains and categories providing a rich hierarchy of mathematical and general purpose objects.

In addition to Axiom, there are two forks: Fricas and OpenAxiom.

The Aldor compiler (originally known as A#), was originally intended to provide an improved library compiler for the Axiom system, but eventually grew into an independent tool. Aldor provides several features which are lacking in SPAD, and a significant amount of code has been written using the system. Unfortunately, the compiler is distributed under a non-free license.

The Comma project borrows the fundamental constructs from SPAD and Aldor. However, it is not an attempt to clone or replace either of them. Rather, it is an effort to broaden the language family and to provide a free, high quality compiler in the process.

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