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Zebot main project page

This page is the frontpage for the zebot project. A modular and fun ircbot.

The origin from this bot comes from a french linux newspaper, which showed how to write a basic bot in perl.

This code was then heavily extended, adding especially the ability to differentiate between owner,ops and normal users. A further addition was mainly the addition of OO-build modules.

Actually the bot was rewritten from scratch to use POE::Component architecture. The core part uses the P:C:IRC module for the communication with the irc server.

The latest version is now (nearly) completely localizable thanks to a new internationalisation module, the print requests are done using tags, the tags are then translated to the actual channel language before printing out. The file format for this ressource is in XML format. On specifying the different servers/channels to which the bot shold connect, a default language for the given channels has to be supplied.

The new milestone integrates a whole new mechanism for the emotes the bot triggers on. This new mechanism bases on the internationalisation module, thus uses as backup an XML file-representation. This mechanism allows reactions in multiple languages and differentiates the reactions depending on the different modes of the users.

The actual bot is fun writing and playing with, since it sort of emulates a dog: tease it and it bites you, be gentle with it and it rewards you ;D

As you can see from my logo, i really don't get it on how to use gimp nor how to draw.... so if some kind soul could re-make me the pictures of this site, keeping the same spirit, i would really be happy :D

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Thanks to Savannah for hosting this project

Thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this project up to version 1.0