Try of a documentation of available modules...

The fine part about this bot is that the core part is quite small, and that all modifications to the bot are done through modules that might me activated by the skeleton bot. This means that there's no need to restart the bot when developing new modules: simply reload them !

Stable modules


acknowledge the users to pertain to a certain user group on a certain channel, used by many other modules, e.g. to decide if a user has operator rights or not.

Basic reactions and operations

The actual bot stuff was extracted of the core part and relocated into an own module, you may find the dog emulation here.


using the XML parser, some definitions for emotes and comments can be stored in a file and be read in at startup (or reload). In the bot when a message or emote is recquired, a token is used instead of the string. Each channel has a default language, and thus the messages are issued in the channel language.

Extended emotes

using the internationalisation module, the triggers are converted to (channel)-language specific tokens, and looked up in the internationalization table. Preset strings like %sender, %target et al are then exchanged against the actual values and the bot performs the action.

Automatic connection handling

auto identify, auto invite etc, the nickserv and chanserv handling that most of the irc servers propose today


a module that check join messages and gives joining users operator rights, depending on the PAM module.


leave messages for certain users, if the user is present the message is delivered at the first reaction of the given user, otherwise the user is presented the message as soon as he joins.


react to incoming DCC SEND requests, accept files and store the locally. At the moment the this modules has no ACL's those will be implemented perhaps some day, if there is some need.

Modules in development

File Server

a module that allows users to browse a filesystem, request some files and be served those files in a queued fashion (one day i will invest some further time and integrate DCC RESUME for sending into P:C:IRC seems i am the only one that sees any use of RESUME in DCC transfers in this world....).


a module that looks for Fserver banners in the monitored channels and connects to those fservers fetching regularly a listing of their content and managing download lists, fetching the files requested by the user. It will be the POE adaptation of the infamous leverlada script.

Modules in project stage