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wgpio.c File Reference

Implementation of the Wireless GPIO Application. More...


#define AWAKE_TIME   MSEC(1000)


int main (void)
void TRX_IRQ_vect ()


actor_ctx_t ActorCtx
volatile uint8_t KeyEvent = 0
uint8_t Led1Blnk = 0
volatile uint16_t TmoCounter = 0
volatile uint8_t TmoEvent = 0
volatile event_t TrxEvent
volatile app_state_t TrxState

Detailed Description

Implementation of the Wireless GPIO Application.

This is a Wireless General Purpose IO Application a.k.a. a light switch application.

The application can run in two modes:

The RC mode can be eanbled on those boards, where the the control key is wired with an interrupt pin of the MCU. All boards with memory mapped keys are not capable of entering the RC mode.

With a long key press, you get into the configuration mode, where the status LED blinks 3 times and the Actor LED displays the current operation mode:

Function Documentation

int main ( void   ) 

Main function of WGPIO application.

void TRX_IRQ_vect (  ) 

Transceiver IRQ routine. Application specific timer IRQ routine. used to read key status (debounced).

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