Downloading and Installing UISP

UISP's latest release is 20050207. You can download it from here.

Once you've finished downloading it, go to the directory where you saved it and uncompress it:

you@there~$ tar -xzvf uisp-20050207.tar.bz2

A new directory called uisp-20050207 will be created after that. In that directory, run:

you@there:uisp-20050207$ ./configure
you@there:uisp-20050207$ make
root@there:uisp-20050207# make install 

The last command has to be run as the superuser, the files will be installed in /usr/local, if you'd rather not have to be super user, or install it somewhere else, you can use:

you@there:uisp-20050207$ ./configure --prefix=/your/dir
you@there:uisp-20050207$ make
you@there:uisp-20050207$ make install

Getting UISP from CVS

If you just want to have a look at the code, you can Browse UISP's CVS online. To get UISP sources from CVS, you should create a directory e.g. /home/you/sources. Then change to that directory and issue this command:

cvs -z3 login
Just hit ENTER for the password.
cvs -z3 co uisp

After all the files are downloaded, you'll need to create the configure script by calling ./bootstrap. Then follow the instructions on how to install the usual source code.