Download and installation

This library contains header (.h) files only; therefore, there is no need for installation. The use in (.cpp) files is direct by means of "include". Some examples of use are provided and can be compiled with the help of CMake.

The source code can be browsed here: git repository.

Install Git

To perform the next steps you must have Git installed. (Check that you have the "git" command.)

sudo apt-get install git

Install GiNaC

GiNaC is used in Tensors to facilitate symbolic manipulations. Its combination with Tensors makes a convenient and powerful tool for expanding tensorial equations.

sudo apt-get install libginac-dev

Fetch the source code repository

Anonymous checkout:

git clone git://

Developer checkout:

git clone

Compile examples

user@mach: ~ $ cd tensors
user@mach: ~/tensors $ ccmake .
user@mach: ~/tensors $ make -j16
user@mach: ~/tensors $ cd examples