Super Quick Start

StoreBackup is a very space efficient disk-to-disk backup suite for GNU/Linux and other unixoid systems. Additional details and help are provided in later sections of this document.

In these brief quick start steps we make certain simplifying assumptions. If you are OK with that, then proceed as follows:

  1. Download the source from
  2. Unpack it (using tar -jxvf) into /opt (it will make the folder /opt/storeBackup.)1
  3. Create symbolic links. In a terminal, run these 2 commands (the 2nd line ends with: space,dot):

    # cd /usr/local/bin
    # ln -s /opt/storeBackup/bin/* .

  4. Run your first backup with this command (substituting your actual username in the command):2 --sourceDir /home/your_username --backupDir /tmp/my_master_backup

    This may take a while. Open a second shell and see what happens in the backup directory. You have now backed up your home directory to /tmp/my_master_backup.

For more details, please continue reading; especially see installation and If the above steps gave you any challenges, don't worry. This document will cover everything from storeBackup installation to NFS server settings in much more detail.

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Heinz-Josef Claes 2014-04-20