Slag - Links

The Jack Audio Connection Kit is a low-latency audio server, written for POSIX conformant operating systems such as GNU/Linux. Slag has a partial support for JACK.
Libao is a cross-platform audio library that allows programs to output audio. Slag can also be used with libao for audio output.
Qt3 is the GUI toolkit used to develop Slag.
Libsndfile is a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound. It's used by Slag to read and write WAV files.
Secret Rabbit Code
Secret Rabbit Code (aka libsamplerate) is a Sample Rate Converter library for audio. It's used to convert your audio files to the samplerate of Slag.
The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Sounds provided with Slag distribution are from this site. Feel free to download more sounds from this site to use in your own compositions.
JACK Rack is an effects "rack" for the JACK low latency audio API. The rack can be filled with LADSPA effects plugins and can be controlled using the ALSA sequencer. It can be used to add effects to Slag tracks when individual JACK ports for each track are enabled.
Hydrogen belongs to the same category of software as Slag, but it's really more mature and featurefull.
JackBeat is another nice drumbox software.
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