17. Skribilo User Manual — List of examples
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1. The outline syntax (chapter Syntax)
2. Programming Skribilo documents in Scheme. (chapter Syntax)
3. Writing a new reader. (chapter Syntax)
4. The document markup (chapter Standard Markups)
5. The author markup (chapter Standard Markups)
6. The chapter markup (chapter Standard Markups)
7. The toc markup (chapter Standard Markups)
8. A restricted table of contents (chapter Standard Markups)
9. The ornament markups (chapter Standard Markups)
10. The font markup (chapter Standard Markups)
11. The justification markups (chapter Standard Markups)
12. The enumeration markups (chapter Standard Markups)
13. The frame markup (chapter Standard Markups)
14. The color markup (chapter Standard Markups)
15. The figure markup (chapter Standard Markups)
16. The figure markup (chapter Standard Markups)
17. The image markup (chapter Standard Markups)
18. A table (chapter Standard Markups)
19. A footnote (chapter Standard Markups)
20. Some characters (chapter Standard Markups)
21. Some characters (chapter Standard Markups)
22. Some references (chapter References and Hyperlinks)
23. Mail address reference (chapter References and Hyperlinks)
24. Creation of a new index (chapter Indexes)
25. Adding entries to an index (chapter Indexes)
26. Printing indexes (chapter Indexes)
27. Printing a Bibliography (chapter Bibliographies)
28. Printing a Bibliography (chapter Bibliographies)
29. Unfiltering Bibliography Entries (chapter Bibliographies)
30. Unfiltering Bibliography Entries (chapter Bibliographies)
31. Unfiltering Bibliography Entries (chapter Bibliographies)
32. Sorting Bibliography Entries (chapter Bibliographies)
33. A program (chapter Computer Programs)
34. The source markup (chapter Computer Programs)
35. The source markup for C (chapter Computer Programs)
36. Example of a simple equation using the verbose syntax (chapter Equation Formatting)
37. Example of a simple equation (chapter Equation Formatting)
38. Inlined, displayed, and aligned equations (chapter Equation Formatting)
39. Example of a pie chart (chapter Pie Charts)
40. Specifying the layout of a pie chart (chapter Pie Charts)
41. Example of Skribilo slides (chapter Slide Package)
42. A Lout illustration (chapter Engines)
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