3.14 Skribilo User Manual — Footnote
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By default, footnotes appear at the bottom of the page that contains the reference to the footnote.

(footnote [:label #t] [:class "footnote"] [:ident] text...)
:ident The node identifier. html lout latex context info xml
:class The node class. html lout latex context info xml
:label This may be either a boolean (i.e., #f or #t) indicating whether a footnote label should automatically be produced, a string specifying a label to use (e.g., "*"), or a number. html lout info
text... The text of the footnote.
See also document , chapter , section .
Ex. 19: A footnote

... produces:

Scheme1 is a programming language2.

1To be pronounced [Skim]
2And a great one!
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