15. Skribilo User Manual — Getting Configuration Information
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This chapter presents skribilo-config, a stand-alone program that gives information about the current configuration.


skribilo-config [options]...


The skribilo-config program gives information about the Skribilo configuration, such as the module installation path, version number, etc. The full list of supported options and their meaning is the following:

Usage: skribilo-config [OPTIONS]
Display the configuration of Skribilo.

  --version, -v		Show Skribilo version.
  --help, -h		Show a list of options.

  --prefix, -p		Prefix that was given during the build
  --module-dir, -m	Display the Guile module directory
  --doc-dir, -d		Display the documentation directory location
  --emacs-dir, -e	Display the emacs directory location
  --scheme, -s		Display the configured Scheme implementation

Report bugs to <skribilo-users@nongnu.org>.

Note that the same information can be obtained through the programming interface exposed by the (skribilo config) module (see Section 12.2).

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