12. Skribilo User Manual — Standard Library
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This section describes Skribilo's standard library.

12.1 File Functions

The function include is particularily useful to spread a long document amongst several files.

(include file)
file The file containing the nodes to be included. These nodes are included in the document in place of the include call.
See also *document-path* .

The given file is searched in the current document path.

Skribilo provides functions to deal with paths. These functions are related to the path that can be specified on the command line, when the Skribilo compiler is invoked (see Chapter compiler.)


*document-path* is a procedure as returned by SRFI-39 make-parameter. As such, (*document-path*) returns the current document path, while (*document-path* '("." "/some/path")) changes the value of the current path. This is equivalent to Skribe's skribe-path and skribe-path-set! functions. The value of *document-path* can also be changed using the -I command-line option of the compiler (see Chapter 14 for details).

12.2 Configuration Functions

Several functions describing the configuration of Skribilo are exported by the (skribilo config) module. First, the skribilo-version function returns the version of Skribilo being used as a string.


For instance, the following piece of code:

produces the following output

This manual documents version 0.9.5 of Skribilo.

The skribilo-url function returns, not surprisingly, the URL of the project:


The skribilo-module-directory returns the directory under which Skribilo modules were installed:

Similar information can be obtained using the skribilo-config program, as described in Section 15.

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