File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
rappcompute.h [code]RAPP Compute layer exported API
rc_bitblt_va.h [code]Bitblit operations on aligned vectors
rc_bitblt_vm.h [code]Bitblit operations on misaligned vectors
rc_bitblt_wa.h [code]Bitblit operations on aligned words
rc_bitblt_wm.h [code]Bitblit operations on misaligned words
rc_cond.h [code]RAPP Compute layer conditional operations
rc_contour.h [code]RAPP Compute layer contour chain code generation
rc_crop.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary image cropping
rc_expand_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary 2x expansion
rc_export.h [code]RAPP Compute API exported symbol tags
rc_fill.h [code]RAPP Compute layer connected-components seed fill
rc_filter.h [code]RAPP Compute layer fixed filters
rc_gather.h [code]RAPP Compute layer 8-bit gather
rc_gather_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary gather
rc_impl.h [code]RAPP Compute layer implementation-specific symbolic names
rc_integral.h [code]
rc_integral_bin.h [code]
rc_malloc.h [code]Memory allocation
rc_margin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary logical margins
rc_moment_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary image moments
rc_morph_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary morphology primitives
rc_pad.h [code]RAPP Compute layer 8-bit image padding
rc_pad_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary image padding
rc_pixel.h [code]RAPP Compute layer pixel access macros
rc_pixop.h [code]RAPP Compute layer pixelwise operations
rc_platform.h [code]RAPP Compute platform-specific definitions
rc_rasterize.h [code]RAPP Compute chain code line rasterization
rc_reduce.h [code]RAPP Compute layer 8-bit reduction
rc_reduce_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary 2x reduction
rc_rotate.h [code]RAPP Compute layer 8-bit image rotation
rc_rotate_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary image rotation
rc_scatter.h [code]RAPP Compute layer 8-bit scatter
rc_scatter_bin.h [code]RAPP Compute layer binary scatter
rc_stat.h [code]RAPP Compute layer statistics
rc_stdbool.h [code]RAPP Compute layer stdbool.h replacement
rc_table.h [code]RAPP Compute layer internal tables
rc_thresh.h [code]RAPP Compute layer thresholding to binary
rc_type.h [code]RAPP Compute type conversions
rc_util.h [code]Utility constants and macros
rc_vec_api.h [code]RAPP Vector Abstraction Layer API
rc_word.h [code]RAPP Compute layer word type and operations

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