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Quagga is developed, curated and progressed primarily by its community. Anyone and everyone should feel free to participate. The email lists are the best forum for community discussion. Strive to be courteous to and forgiving of others in all communication.

Oversight is provided by the Quagga maintainers, hopefully rarely. The Quagga maintainers can be contacted directly, on matters where the public lists are not suitable, via email at maintainers@quagga.net. The maintainers currently are Balaji Gurudoss, Paul Jakma, Timo Teräs and Greg Troxel (emeritus).

Previous maintainers include Vincent Jardin, David Lamparter, Denis Ovsienko, Hasso Tepper, and Andrew Schorr.

Please note that maintainers@quagga.net is not a support address! Do not email this address with support queries, they will not be entertained nor is it constructive to burden the maintainers with private queries! Please direct any such questions to the appropriate mailing list.

For sensitive security issues with Quagga, please email security@quagga.net. Regular contributors to Quagga and vendors may apply to the maintainers to join this list.

The Quagga PGP public keys are available if you wish to communicate securely with either of the above addresses (please make sure you dont download the key from a mirror) or verify the signatures of releases or git tags. Please verify the authenticity of the key to your satisfaction before use.

The maintainers and security email addresses are moderated, due to spam. If you subscribe to either the quagga-dev or quagga-users lists, your email will avoid moderation - otherwise a moderator will be notified.

Releases in the past were signed by a maintainers@quagga.net key. Now a dedicated signing-only release key is used for this purpose - this key should be signed by a current maintainers@quagga.net key.