Quagga Routing Suite

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Contact us

Please use the email lists if you have general issues/problems/suggestions regarding the use and/or development of Quagga.

To contact the Quagga maintainers directly, on matters where the public lists are not suitable, please email maintainers@quagga.net. The maintainers currently are Paul Jakma, Vincent Jardin, David Lamparter, Andrew Schorr, Dmitry Tejblum and Greg Troxel.

Please note that maintainers@quagga.net is not a support address! Do not email this address with support queries, they will not be entertained nor is it constructive to burden the maintainers with private queries! Please direct any such questions to the appropriate mailing list.

For sensitive security issues with Quagga, please email security@quagga.net.

A Quagga PGP public key is available if you wish to communicate securely with either of the above addresses (please make sure you dont download the key from a mirror). The key is signed, currently, by two of the maintainers. (Future) Quagga releases will also be signed with this key. Please verify the authenticity of the key to your satisfaction before use - it is signed by two of the maintainers.