About the Game

PySciTrivia is a trivia game centered around the physical and mathematical sciences such as physics, matematics, chemistry, biology, computer science, etc. For each category, there is also a corresponding history category. I'll probably add more categories in the future as well.

The factual content for the game is taken from various sources. From some of my own books to wikipedia, or other places on the web I can veryify from multiple sources.

PySciTrivia is free software licensed under the GPL, and by free software, I'm not talking about the price. You can read about free software here.

PySciTrivia is written in Python, using Pygame. It is a very powerful yet simple to use python wrapper for SDL. Python and Pygame and available for just about every operating you could think of, but I hope everyone out there is running a free operating system such as GNU/Linux. I'm a Debian user myself.

The logo that looks like it was drawn by a 3 year old was made with Inkscape and GIMP. The sound effects were made with ZynAddSubFX. Any voice that will be recorder for the game will be recorded and edited with Audacity. The sounds for the game use the free Ogg Vorbis codec, and all graphics will be PNGs. It also uses FreeSans and FreeSansBold from the FreeFont project.

If anyone would like to help, or you have gripes, suggestions, bugs, ideas, fixes, need help with something, or anything else on your mind about the game, you can email me at:

mike383 at member.fsf.org

Also, you can look at the PySciTrivia Savannah project page here, if you want to use the bug tracker or support tracker.

About Me

I'm a physics undergrad at the University of Washington.

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