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png::info Class Reference

Holds information about PNG image. Adapter class for IO image operations. More...

#include <info.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for png::info:
png::info_base png::image_info

Public Member Functions

 info (io_base &io, png_struct *png)
void read ()
void write () const
void update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from png::info_base
 info_base (io_base &io, png_struct *png)
png_info * get_png_info () const
png_info ** get_png_info_ptr ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from png::image_info
 image_info ()
 Constructs the image_info object with default values for color_type, interlace_type, compression_method and filter_type. More...
size_t get_width () const
void set_width (size_t width)
size_t get_height () const
void set_height (size_t height)
color_type get_color_type () const
void set_color_type (color_type color_space)
size_t get_bit_depth () const
void set_bit_depth (size_t bit_depth)
interlace_type get_interlace_type () const
void set_interlace_type (interlace_type interlace)
compression_type get_compression_type () const
void set_compression_type (compression_type compression)
filter_type get_filter_type () const
void set_filter_type (filter_type filter)
palette const & get_palette () const
paletteget_palette ()
void set_palette (palette const &plte)
void drop_palette ()
 Removes all entries from the palette. More...
tRNS const & get_tRNS () const
tRNSget_tRNS ()
void set_tRNS (tRNS const &trns)

Protected Member Functions

void sync_ihdr (void) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from png::info_base
png_struct * m_png
png_info * m_info
- Protected Attributes inherited from png::image_info
uint_32 m_width
uint_32 m_height
size_t m_bit_depth
color_type m_color_type
interlace_type m_interlace_type
compression_type m_compression_type
filter_type m_filter_type
palette m_palette

Detailed Description

Holds information about PNG image. Adapter class for IO image operations.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

png::info::info ( io_base io,
png_struct *  png 

Member Function Documentation

void png::info::read ( )
void png::info::write ( ) const
void png::info::update ( )
void png::info::sync_ihdr ( void  ) const

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