the Orange Slice

Welcome on the Orange Slice website. Orange Slice is a subtitle editor, writen in Python/GTK+. It aims at manipulate different file formats like SSA, ASS, SUB, SRT, etc. Runs under linux, and should run under any *nix and should even run under WIN32. The applcation is developped under Debian GNU/Linux, but i'd like to have it working on any platform available (even proprietary ones).

The main goal is to have an easy application to create scripts for subtitling videos. For the moment it only manages the Sub Station Alpha (SSA) and Advanced Sub Station Alpha (ASS) file formats. You can also import SUB (MicroDVD?) files.

2005-01-14Project abandonned

Actually, I gave up orange-slice development, since I'm already doing a lot more things, and no longer have the use for such an app. It will stay as is. Of course if anybody wants to take over development, I'll be glad to leave orange-slice's futur in their hands ;c)

2005-01-14Orange Slice 0.1d

A few bugs hunted. Should now work correctly with newer python releases (at least 2.3). Also corrects any ugly packaging bug I wasn't aware until someone told me so...

2004-03-13Orange Slice 0.1 (beta)

A few bugs hunted and corrected. More stability. And a few enhancements, like the possibility to load SUB files. Still unable to export in SUB file format.

Please note this feature is still experimental, it seems to work. You must have a line like the following one in the beggining of the file for proper framerate / timing conversion :


By default, the framerate is intended to be 29.97

2003-12-09Orange Slice 0.1 (alpha)

I just uploaded the latest release, that features a lot of improvements. But stability is not sure... let's use & see ! Features improvements are full support to the ASS file format, and the switch of the internal format from SSA to ASS. There should not have major problems, and there should no longer have any deprecated GTK widgets (like GTKCList). First work on a style editor and a script properties editor hav started too (at least glade designs). Some simplifications in Glade should be done too.

French translation is quite outdated, and the english one is quite bad.

2003-08-10Bugfixes & enhancements release (

A lot of bugfixes, and some little enhancements in the way to use the Orange Slice. Play around, you will find those. [ eg: you can change names & styles in the combo box, and if it doesn't exists yet it hads it to the combo ]. I still have my problem with exporting to shift-jis, i think it's related to the cjkcodecs module, i might have a look to the iconv module in the future, it might help...

It appears the Orange Slice crashes when i try to start it with python2.2 ... so if you have Python 2.2 and the Orange Slice crashes, please update to Python 2.3 and verfy if it still crashes.

Well, i've started to think to a new file format which would permit to have multiple event for a single subtitle. This would permit to have multiple languages in a single subtitles file for example. That feature should be greatly appreciated by translators... Of course SSA/ASS import/export files should be working good. Here is a proposed test file.

Anyway, fetch the tarball right now : orange-slice-

2003-08-02New release (

Hello, here is an update for orange-slice, it corrects a lot of bug and introduces some more ;) But well, generally it works quite a lot better. And with the release of python2.3 the application looks like to go quite more faster ! So i suggest you to update to this release. For Debian it will require you to install the following packages : python2.3, python2.3-gtk2 and python2.3-glade2. and if you want CJK to work : python2.3-cjkcodecs. Please note orange-slice is currently developed using python 2.3 and pygtk 1.99.16, i can't say it will work good with previous versions, you've been warned.

Well, I've got a strange bug now, i can read perfectly well SSA files, even if they cotains multiples charset, let's say : iso-8859-15 (for French) and shift-jis (for Japanese). I haven't got any problem, but I can't save my file without loosing the shift-jis lines... it looks like the : unicode( subtitle, "utf-8" ).encode( "shift-jis" ) python command produces a bad shift-jis string... quite strange...

Anyway, fetch the tarball right now : orange-slice-

2003-07-26First Release

Here comes the first public release of Orange Slice with the 0.0.9 version number. Expect it tp be stable, but strange to use and with many feature missing (as the release expected it to be. Please note this is yet alpha software, thanks ^^

Anyway, fetch the tarball right now : orange-slice-0.0.9.tar.bz2

2003-07-25Grand opening

The Orange Slice's website has just open ! Champagne ^^

Orange-Slice is a GTK+ software writen in Python to create and edit subtitle scripts to watch with your videos. Generally those are translations in other languages than the one the video has (eg: the video is in Japanese and the subtitle is in French).

More more information on Orange Slice read the about page. And to see what it looks like, the screenshots page.

Yeah, this website looks a biit like The, and the Orange Slice icon comes from