version — Library version handling.


const char * pskc_check_version ()

Types and Values


The pskc_check_version() function can be used to discover the library version and to test that the shared library during run-time is recent enough.


pskc_check_version ()

const char *
pskc_check_version (const char *req_version);

Check PSKC library version.

See PSKC_VERSION for a suitable req_version string.

This function is one of few in the library that can be used without a successful call to pskc_global_init().



version string to compare with, or NULL.



Check that the version of the library is at minimum the one given as a string in req_version and return the actual version string of the library; return NULL if the condition is not met. If NULL is passed to this function no check is done and only the version string is returned.

Types and Values


# define PSKC_VERSION "2.6.11"

Pre-processor symbol with a string that describe the header file version number. Used together with pskc_check_version() to verify header file and run-time library consistency.


# define PSKC_VERSION_NUMBER 0x02060b00

Pre-processor symbol with a hexadecimal value describing the header file version number. For example, when the header version is 1.2.3 this symbol will have the value 0x01020300. The last two digits are only used between public releases, and will otherwise be 00.