Simon Josefsson

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The Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC) format is used to transport and provision symmetric keys to cryptographic devices or software. The PSKC Library allows you to parse, validate and generate PSKC data. This manual documents the interfaces of PSKC library and contains a tutorial to get you started working with the library.

I. Tutorial
Converting PSKC data to CSV format
Digitally sign PSKC data
Verify signed PSKC data
Create PSKC data
Command line pskctool
Parse and print summary of PSKC data
Validate PSKC against XML Schema
Digitally sign PSKC data
Verify digitally signed PSKC data
II. API Reference
pskc — Top-level include file.
version — Library version handling.
global — Global functions.
errors — Error handling.
enums — PSKC value enumerations and related functions.
container — High-level PSKC container handling.
keypackage — PSKC keypackage handling.
Index of all symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.2.0