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OATH Toolkit
One-time password components


global — Global functions.


int pskc_global_init ()
void pskc_global_done ()
void (*pskc_log_func) ()
void pskc_global_log ()
void pskc_free ()


The library is initialized using pskc_global_init() which is a thread-unsafe function that should be called when the code that needs the PSKC library functionality is initialized. When the application no longer needs to use the PSKC Library, it can call pskc_global_done() to release resources.

The pskc_free() function is used to de-allocate memory that was allocated by the library earlier and returned to the caller.

For debugging, you can implement a function of the pskc_log_func signature and call pskc_global_log() to make the library output some messages that may provide additional information.


pskc_global_init ()

pskc_global_init (void);

This function initializes the PSKC library. Every user of this library needs to call this function before using other functions. You should call pskc_global_done() when use of the PSKC library is no longer needed.


On success, PSKC_OK (zero) is returned, otherwise an error code is returned.

pskc_global_done ()

pskc_global_done (void);

This function deinitializes the PSKC library, which were initialized using pskc_global_init(). After calling this function, no other PSKC library function may be called except for to re-initialize the library using pskc_global_init().

pskc_log_func ()

(*pskc_log_func) (const char *msg);

pskc_global_log ()

pskc_global_log (pskc_log_func log_func);

Enable global debug logging function. The function will be invoked to print various debugging information.

pskc_log_func is of the form, void (*pskc_log_func) (const char *msg);

The container and keypackage variables may be NULL if they are not relevant for the debug information printed.



new global pskc_log_func log function to use.


pskc_free ()

pskc_free (void *ptr);

Deallocates memory region by calling free(). If ptr is NULL no operation is performed.

This function is necessary on Windows, where different parts of the same application may use different memory heaps.



memory region to deallocate, or NULL.


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