Q1. What parts of the kernel are currently being worked upon ?
Ans. Currently these parts of the kernel are being documented ( irc nicks in [] ):

  • Memory Management
    • Abhishek Nayani [abhi]
    • Mel Gorman [gormanm]
    • Rodrigo S. de Castro [rcastro]

  • Networking
    • Ankit Jain [radical]

  • Process Management
    • Kiran Divekar [kdlinux]

  • Miscellaneous Functions
    • Boris Bezlaj [borb]
    • Seth Arnold [sarnold]

Q2. What parts of the kernel still needs volunteers ?
Ans. These parts of the kernel still need volunteers:

  • IPC
  • Bootstrapping and Kernel Initialization
  • SCSI
  • VFS

Q3. How are you going about it ?
Ans. This is being done by volunteers ( we need more of them ;-)) who select the part/subsystem they are interested in and go about writing the documentation as they read and understand it.

Q4. What format are you using for the documentation ?
Ans. We are using LaTeX for typesetting the documentation which can be compiled to produce very cool PDFs. Other formats like PS, HTML are also possible from LaTeX.

Q5. I am interested, how do i start ?
Ans. See where your interests lie... what part of the kernel attracts you... see if work on that section is underway. If it is contact the person heading it or else start it yourself. Subscribe to the mailing list and let us know about your interest. You will need to learn basic LaTeX , for which you can refer to The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX . Then you can get the cvs of this project and use the files from other subsystems like mm as templates. Also setup an lxr ( installation on your system, makes life a lot easier.






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